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About Surfing Madonna



Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Encinitas, California and was officially formed in 2013 by Robert Nichols and Mark Patterson (artist of the Surfing Madonna mosaic). The specific purpose for forming the nonprofit was to conserve, maintain and promote the public display of art and to promote environmental conservation efforts. Our intention is to partner with local arts groups and recognize the excellence of  local artists and promote the arts through media.  We strive to share our resources and create opportunities for local artists by giving awards, producing programming and creating opportunities for the public to share in the arts.

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Part of our community outreach is putting on Special Needs Surf Camps. Throughout the summer we host families with special needs kids and teach them how to surf. As soon as Covid restrictions are lifted we will open registration and start back with this beloved program.

The fundraiser for Special Needs Surf Camp is currently our virtual event, "The Challenge of the Century". The virtual event takes place between June 1 - ends September 30, 2021. You as a solo or with a Team can walk, run, bike, hike, swim, paddle (or other exercises you enjoy) 

100 Miles over four months or

100 Days over four months or

Walk, Run, Hike 1 Million Steps over four months

Check out our site for more info!