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Down by the Seashore Star

Down by the Seashore Star, Fine Art
Down by the Seashore Star Honorable Mention
Inspired by Mission Bay, San Diego. This asks us to face the truth that we have failed to be the stewards of our home planet. The boat is transparent to represent truth. The star outshines everything, even the moon! The star represents our potential to ...yes... save the oceans!!

Fine Art (Acrylic Painting)   24 x 36 x 1.5   $875.00   

<p>Arlette Stella is late-blooming, self-taught.</p>
<p>“For me, to paint is to breathe, to exist. I am an artist!” declares Arlette, surprised and bemused.</p>
<p>Arlette’s boundless imagination and deeply philosophical and abstract nature is evident in every piece that she creates.</p>

<p>Thus, she rightfully terms her art: Abstract/Fanciful Message Art.</p>

<p>And, her message? Kindness.</p>