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Joyful Abundance - The Womb of Life

Joyful Abundance - The Womb of Life, Fine Art
Joyful Abundance - The Womb of Life Honorable Mention
I had not planned on adding the animals to this particular collage work but the whales jumped off my stash leaping into the waves, followed by the fish, sea horses, turtles, herons, representation of sea urchins and all of the flora and fauna and free motion lace. The use of fabric textiles as my "paint brush" allows me to create color and texture using my favorite medium, fabric.

Fine Art (Mixed Media)   23 x 26  

I work in various textiles including cottons, wools, silks, various viscose and bamboo fibers. I am a quilter, beginning weaver, wet and needle felter, and mixed media enthusiast. I teach several of these techniques and enjoy the freedom to create my own designs.