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Oceanful 1

Oceanful 1, Fine Art
Oceanful 1
The following are the first three digital paintings of my series called “ Oceanful”. Each time I scuba dive, I’m awestruck and grateful for the abundance of life, the constant motion, the water and sea life music, and the play of light beneath the surface ! The more you look, listen and feel, the more there is to experience!This series is my whimsical reverie and tribute to our oceans, full of life.

Fine Art (Photography)   13 x 13 x 2   $150.00   

Catherine ( Cate) is a native San Franciscan, lifelong artist and supporting member of local art guilds in the areas she has lived on boast the east and west coasts and in the eastern Sierra of California. Her BFA in Illustration from the San Francisco Academy of Art has given her many diverse opportunities as a free lance artist, as well as commercial art direction, teaching, book, greeting card illustration, editorial art, cartooning, and theatre set, costume, and prop design. As a fine artist she has continued to to show and receive awards in juried exhibitions. She and her husband and 3 dogs live in Escondido, CA, near to grown children and grandchildren.