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SHE -Jellyfish/NOTJellyfish (Coral Reef 02)

SHE -Jellyfish/NOTJellyfish (Coral Reef 02) , 3D
SHE -Jellyfish/NOTJellyfish (Coral Reef 02) Honorable Mention
Mid-fire ceramic, slip-cast and hand built, layered slip, glaze, oxides and gold luster glaze. Jellyfish shaped plastic bags are painted with layers of glaze and fired on the surface of the torso. I have a ritual of walking Cardiff reef at sunrise. My need to reconnect to nature is pacified by the shoreline’s shifting beauty. I carry the ocean’s inspiration back to my studio, the soft gray and pink fog, opalescent seashells, the rich textures of reef and sand. Along with wild ocean beauty I also see (and pick up) plastic trash. For a sea turtle a single piece of plastic can be deadly. The problem is that sea turtles don’t know the difference between their natural food, jellyfish, and plastic bags. They don’t get to choose, only humans can remove and stop adding plastic trash to the ocean.

3D (Sculpture)   13 x 9 x 8.5   $1,400.00    http://www.juliacrgr...  

Julia C R Gray, Cardiff by the Sea, California, uses mid-fire clay to cast and sculpt torsos with hand-painted images using layered underglazes & oxides. Her artwork portrays multilayered messages, on the vulnerability and strength of the ocean and women’s bodies. After working as a representational painter, Gray returned to University to focus on sculpture, completing a BFA (2014) with Honors from San Francisco Art Institute. Gray has been awarded scholarships and art grants. Her work is published on the cover of MODIFIED: Living As A Cyborg and in academic texts. She exhibits her work in civic galleries, juried exhibitions and museums and is collected nationally.